Summer House ’18

I’ve been looking for a spot to stay during the night, next summer.

Found this nice little house. It’s a “Khufu” pre-fab from “Locus Gear” It’ll require a bit of work at times, to have it placed in the correct spot, but I’m sure there will be many great locations to chose from.


Here’s a view from outside, with the front and bedroom doors open. Great line of sight, from front to back, considering the 750 gram weight. I’m excited to try living in an “open concept” home for a few months.


This final perspective is from the bedroom, at the back, looking forward into the kitchen and foyer. The appliances aren’t new,  but they’re serviceable. I’d also like to show a view of the washroom, but… Maybe I’ll show it in a future post. 🙂


Thanks for reading,

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Cheers,   -Eric


3 thoughts on “Summer House ’18

  1. Nice! Looks like LG has made a few tweaks since I got mine. I see that the top vent has a different shape so it doesn’t need to be anchored down the zipper like mine:

    Looks like they’re also using the dyneema on more of the reinforcements now. Are the reinforcements inside the tent at the corners still that rubbery stuff?

    You might want to cut that bug netting out of the main vent. It kills airflow and since you’ve got a mesh inner, there’s no point to it.


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