Mex. Border to Warner Springs

Apr 24 & 25

The flights to San Diego went well and I arrived at Scout & Frodo’s place just after lunch. What a great place to start the trip!

Apr 26

20mi – Border to Lake Morena

Started the adventure at 7am. It was an amazing feeling to be there and start walking north.

Apr 27

13mi – Cibbet’s Flat

Apr 28

21mi – Pioneer Picnic Area

Stopped in Mt. Laguna in the morning for breakfast. Nice little mountain town. The views really opened up in the aft.

Apr 29

18mi – Rodriguez Rd. crossing

Apr 30

18mi – Tentsite @86.6mi

Stopped in Julian for some free pie. Nice little town. The weather is turning cooler and windy.

May 1

15mi – Tentsite @101.1mi

Passed the 100mi mark today! Feels good. I’m also starting to feel a bit less sore at the end of the day…

May 2

8mi – Warner Springs

Short hike this morning in a light rain. Taking the rest of the day to rest up and get clean.

It’s been an awesome hike so far. I’ve met some great people, and the scenery has been beautiful. The weather hasn’t been the best, but that’s ok. I’m looking forward to the next section of trail!

11 thoughts on “Mex. Border to Warner Springs

  1. Wow! Looks like things are going well. So glad to see your posts and to share some of the vistas. Will look forward to more along the way.


  2. Wahoo! So glad to hear this update!!! I’ve been tracking with you daily and guesstimating where you’d be. Seems like you’re making great time – a couple 20-mile days in there! Our thoughts and love and prayers are daily with you! XO

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  3. Sweet! Go get ’em!

    Sounds like you’ve already had more rain than we had for all of California. We had about 2 hrs of wearing rain gear in all of California in 2014.

    The next town – Idyllwild – is a beauty.


  4. So great Eric! Those views are spectacular and sounds like a fun and fascinating journey so far. Loved seeing your update and cheering you on from here!


  5. WOW! What a trip. Love being able to “travel” along with you. Sounds like all is going well. Love and prayers, Mom


  6. Eric! There’s so much I want to say! First of all, Dan and I did the exact same mileage as you for the first two days – a biggie to get’er started, then a more reasonable day to recover. Also, I love how you said, “Just a short hike to town,” when you hiked 8 miles – you sound like a thru-hiker already. And you look so squeaky clean and fresh at that monument photo…that’ll change quick. WAY TO GO and we’ll be tracking with you.

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  7. Great photos, Eric. I “travelled” this route with Dan and Tara, and I’m very much looking forward to “travelling” it again with you.


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