Warner Springs to Idyllwild

May 3

18mi – “Mike’s Place”

The weather was back to hot and sunny. First views of Mt. San Jacinto today. Mike’s is a trail angel spot where we had wood fired pizza and tacos for supper. Slept in an old r.v. Quite the place…

May 4

25mi – Paradise Valley Cafe

I heard the best hamburgers on the trail are served at this restaurant. I was feeling good, so had a longer day to make it there for supper. It was really tasty! They let us camp on the front porch also.

May 5

24mi – Tentsite #3

Amazing views today while hiking along a ridge toward San Jacinto. It ranged from 6000 to 7400 feet. Could see the Salton Sea at times. Hit the first fire closure at 168.6, so I took the Spitler Trail down to a campsite near Hemet.

May 6

7mi – Idyllwild

A quick morning hike into Idyllwild. I met up with Connor outside of town and we’re sharing the last available cabin at the Inn here. Shower, laundry and a bed, life is good!

6 thoughts on “Warner Springs to Idyllwild

  1. I am going to send a small parcel to Hiker Heaven in Agua Dulce. It seems like a spot you will stop at so go to the Saufley‘s and look for your parcel.


  2. Love following along with you! The boys are working on some encouraging notes to send your way too. I’ll let you know which addresses to look out for something at. Love you.

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  3. So cool that there is a network of people you are meeting along the way. All the porches and campout sites are really something.


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