Idyllwild to Big Bear

May 7

8mi – Nice Tentsite

Left town after lunch and climbed 3700′ back to the trail. Found a great little spot up on a ridge at 9000′ for the night. Discovered I had left my block of cheese back in town…

May 8

25mi – “The Rusty Pipe”

The rusty pipe is a landmark on the trail. It’s the last spot to get water before crossing a desert stretch and interstate 10. Passed the 200mi point today as well.

May 9

14mi – Whitewater Preserve

It was a really hot and windy morning, crossing the valley and highway. Made it back to the hills by around 10am to miss the hottest part of the day. Heard later that it was over 100 F during the afternoon. This stretch is also the 2nd lowest point on the trail. 7300′ below where I camped the night before. It was a long descent!

May 10

20mi – Mission Creek

Met up with some friends in the morning. Sander and “Larry Bird” We camped in a recently burnt area. The area looked eerie as the day came to an end.

May 11

20mi – Creek site

The weather was nice and lots of water as we hiked along a creek for much of the day. Good day after all the climbing/descent and high temps. Sander and my spot.

May 12

7.5mi – Big Bear Lake

Met up with more friends on the way into town. Sander, Phillip and Kevin. (L to R) Also found Larry again once in town.

May 13


This is my first zero day. It sure was nice to relax and rest up for a whole day. I felt like the feet and legs deserved a break after making it to the 10% mark. 265 miles.

10 thoughts on “Idyllwild to Big Bear

  1. Nicely done! Those huge Jefferys Pines are great. Just wait until you start finding cones from the Sugar Pines – massive.

    Yeah that decent off Fuller Ridge goes forever. Someone needs to put in a steeper trail. It’s like 8000′ down while dropping about 20′ per mile.

    Looks like a pretty shady lookin’ crew you’re hanging with 😉


  2. A long descent indeed…more like a flat walk if I remember correctly. It killed me how I could see the water spigot from literally MILES away…so close yet so far! Haha. That’s a super long time to go without a zero Eric! You’re crazy. Super impressive mileage as well. How’s the bod holding up? I hear no complaining of blisters or chaffing or sore muscles, so I’m guessing you’re just a super-human. I’m so happy you are living the thru-hiker life and living it well. HIKE ON!

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  3. Nice to get some news from you again! Way to go! We sent you some mail… I’ll send you an email so you know where to look for it. Sad you left your cheese in town… Bummer… Bet you were looking forward to having those extra calories! 😉

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  4. Hi Eric good to see your off a to a great start im amazed at your journey your taking enjoy every day and take care.It sure feels good not working any more living the dream heading to grand bend today for few weeks.Have a good day and keep in touch Doug


  5. Oh and Eric, did you meet the lady who runs 2 Foot Adventures?! – The big airstream trailer, mobile outdoors outfitter that was in Warner Springs? Her (trail) name is Pillsbury and we hiked together in 2014! She’s the best. I think she’s moving on up the trail, so if you pass her again in an upcoming town, say hi for me!


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