Big Bear to Acton

May 14

24mi – Tentsite @290

Good day headed out from Big Bear. The sunset was pretty nice while setting up the tent.

May 15

20mi – Tentsite @ 310

Stopped at the Deep Creek Hotsprings today. Had a swim and a good hot soak in one of the pools.

May 16

25mi – Tentsite @ 335

Hiked past Silverwood Lake. Went for a swim again. Two days in a row! We also had pizza and wings delivered to a picnic area by the lake. I was feeling a bit spoiled.

May 17

21mi – Tentsite @ 356

Stopped at the Cajon Pass McDonalds. It’s another one of the “landmarks” along the trail. The place was half full of dirty hikers eating copious amounts of food. Ordered twice and packed out a half dozen bacon mcDoubles. Mmmmm!

May 18

16mi – Jackson Flats Campground

The town of Wrightwood was along the trail, but I just stopped in for a quick re-supply at the grocery store. Met up with the crew again, and hiked out in the late aft.

May 19

23mi – Cooper Canyon Camp

4:30 am start, to climb Mt. Baden-Powell. Great views. The ocean and L.A. were hidden below the clouds though. It was a tough day, but good. 6000′ up and 7000′ down. I was thinking “this trail is no joke…” On the way down from the summit, we passed about a dozen boyscout troops on their way up.

May 20

16mi – Tentsite @ 411

Passed the 400 mile point! The trail ran close to Hwy. 2 for most of the day. It looks like a pretty cool road for riding a bike. Lots of them out there!

May 21

25mi – North Fork Ranger Station

Dropped down through the clouds today on the way to the station. Had trail magic there. Hotdog, snacks and cold soda. The hiking was nice being out of the sun.

May 22

8mi – Acton KOA

Made it into the campground and settled in for a break. I spent the afternoon in the pool and hottub. There were two other Eric’s here as well, so we hung out for dinner.

May 23 & 24

0 miles

My ankles and knee were feeling the miles and all the climbing and descents during the last stretch. I decided to take a good break and get rested up. The Sierras are about 250 miles away now, and I want to be at 100% Feeling much better today and I’m ready to get going again in the morning!

9 thoughts on “Big Bear to Acton

  1. WOW! What a journey! Good to hear that you get a good meal every once in awhile. Bet the hot springs ere nice. Also glad to read that you are taking time to rest and enjoy the journey.


  2. Amazing photos Eric! I bet those soaks in the hot springs were amazing and helped rejuvenate those tired muscles. Sounds like you are handling the pace but good to know you are taking time to rest up and prepare for the challenges to come. Bet those burgers and the pizza sure tasted good! Love seeing all of your posts! Keep them coming.


  3. Eric at first I thought that one picture in the cloud was water …. then my mind was blown when the real view came into perspective! How amazing truly breathtaking when your living it but the pictures are gorgeous! Xo love you


  4. What an awesome journey you are having Eric. Love the photos and the friendship you’re finding along the way. Dinner with the Erics — so good!!


  5. Nice to hear you’re still truckin’. I thought you might have got stuck in the hot springs for a few weeks.

    I suggest making the long haul from Kennedy Meadows to Red’s Meadow (where you can bus to Mammoth). Resupplying out Kearsage can be a huge pain to get a ride.


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