Acton to Tehachapi

May 25

10mi – Hiker Heaven

Hiked through the Vasquez Rocks Park and spent the night at hiker heaven. The park has been used as a backdrop for Star Trek etc. Really neat rock formations there. I received a package from Mom at H.H. The homemade cookies were enjoyed by a bunch of us that eve. (I didn’t share all of them though…)

May 26

24mi – Casa de Luna

Left a bit late again and just made it to Casa de Luna in time for a taco salad dinner. This was an interesting yet fun spot to spend the night. After eating, everyone has to dance for their ’18 PCT bandana. (another one of those “things” along the trail) Camped out back in the woods amongst the trees decorated with painted rocks. This is one of those times when you had to be there…

May 27

15mi – Tentsite @493

Late start after enjoying a pancake breakfast and coffee(s). I took a nice break around noon at a spring. Spots like this really make your day when you walk up to them!

May 28

24mi – Hiker Town

This is the third spot on this 60 mile stretch of the trail that has been provided by “trail angels” as a place to stay. It’s also the last pitstop for water before crossing a corner of the Mojave desert along the L.A. aqueduct. 500 miles today!

May 29


I had planned on leaving the evening before to hike across this stretch of trail at night. We looked at the weather, and the next day would be in the 70’s instead of the 90’s. I decided to get some sleep. There are a bunch of shacks/rooms here to spend the night in, all decorated like an old west town.

May 30

27.5mi – Tentsite @545

Early start this morning. I spent most of the day following the aqueduct across the desert. It was one of the less enjoyable days so far but it was nice to get it done in one shot.

May 31

21mi – Tehachapi

I hitched into town in the early afternoon, thanks to a nice fellow who gave me a lift. There were more joshua trees along the trail today. Weird looking things… also lots of windmills!

June 1-3


I took a good long break in town to rest up some more. My left ankle needed a break, and I also mailed a supply box ahead to Kennedy Meadows. (the start of the Sierra section) I’ll be leaving in the am. to cover these last 134 miles in the desert. Here’s a pic of my food for that stretch. Yummy stuff there, eh?

5 thoughts on “Acton to Tehachapi

  1. Just wondering how the cheese holds up in the heat of the desert. Guess food’s food when you’re hungry on the trail.


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