Tehachapi to Kennedy Meadows

June 5 – 21mi

Tentsite @ 587

Took a local bus back out to the trail. Time to walk in the desert again.

June 6 – 22mi

Landers Meadow

There was a nice stretch in the woods today. It’s always nice to have a break from the lower elevations.

June 7 – 26mi

Tentsite @ 635

I had the first view of the Sierra’s today. Mt. Whitney was visible on the horizon. Also passed the 1000km point and had chili for supper from a trail angel. Good day!

June 8 – 17mi

Lake Isabella

Hiked to Walker Pass and caught a bus into town. My ankle was giving me grief again today. Time for another break.

June 9-12 – 0mi

Resting/healing again. Stayed at the Kern Hotel. The owner was really nice and helpful during my stay.

June 13 – 12mi

Tentsite @ 664

Back to Walker Pass today on the bus. Passed another big milestone today. 25% of the trail is behind me. Just have to do that walk 3 more times!

June 14 – 25mi

Tentsite @ 689

Was feeling pretty good today. Hopefully no more injuries from now on. The mountains are looking a lot closer now.

June 15 – 13mi

Kennedy Meadows

Arrived at the general store to the sound of applause. It feels really good to get this far. No more desert hiking! It was better than I had thought, with some really nice scenery, but I’m ready to head into the mountains.

9 thoughts on “Tehachapi to Kennedy Meadows

  1. Yes yes! The mountains are calling you! Sorry to hear about the trail injury, and completely understand the fine balance between “the need for speed” and the need to rest. Sounds like you are working it all out. Hike on Baloo!!


  2. Hope that ankle injury is mended. Expect the mountains will provide more challenges. Assuming the side trip up Mt. Whitney is still on your itinerary. A quarter of the way accomplished! Way to go Baloo!


  3. 25% done! Good on you! Hope the ankle is on the mend and that you enjoy this next part of the hike. Amazing how much the scenery you are getting to take in.


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