Kennedy Meadows to Mammoth Lakes

June 17 – 14mi

Kern River Bridge

Left Kennedy Meadows just after noon. Crossed about 3 miles of the remaining “desert”, then started the climb up to 10k feet, and the start of the Sierra Nevada. It felt so good to be putting that last bit of the trail behind me.

June 18 – 20mi

Tentsite @ 736

Continued heading up into the mountains. The scenery started opening up today. Great views!

June 19 – 24mi

Rock Creek Camp

Stopped for lunch and a swim at Chicken Spring Lake. Camped at Rock Creek (760) to be close to the Mt. Whitney side trail.

June 20 – 7mi + 16mi

Mt. Whitney

Summited Mt. Whitney today. At 14505 ft., it’s the highest peak in the 48 states. The trail up was good and the view from the top – epic!

June 21 – 17mi

Bubbs Creek

Crossed the 13200 ft. Forester Pass. This is the highest point on the trail. The snow was melting fast, so I didn’t have a good slide down the far side. Another awesome spot though.

June 22 – 18mi

Tentsite @ 802

Crossed Glen Pass and had lunch at Rae Lakes. Nice spot. The next few days will be crossing a series of 12000ft. passes.

June 23 – 24mi

Palisade Creek

Climbed Pinchot and Mather Passes. Nice alpine lake in between them. The mosquitoes are starting to get bad down in the valleys now.

June 24 – 24mi

Evolution Meadow

Crossed Muir Pass. It had the most snow by far. Made it over by noon before the snow got too soft. Finally got some good glissades in on the north side. I’m also getting into the creek crossings now.

June 25 – 24mi

Tentsite @ 874

Selden Pass today and found an epic tentsite. On the edge of a cliff with quite the view. It’ll be tough to top this one.

June 26 – 27mi

Deer Creek

Came over Silver Pass and could smell smoke. There is a fire burning west of the trail and I could see part of it later in the day. Hoping this isn’t something I see much more of.

June 27 – 6mi

Mammoth Lakes

Caught up with some old friends and we hiked to Red’s Meadow for the bus into Mammoth Lakes. It was an amazing 10 days & 200 miles to get this far.

7 thoughts on “Kennedy Meadows to Mammoth Lakes

  1. Definitely “epic” views, even when just seeing them through your camera lens. Into the Sierras for your 40th birthday–definitely an epic way to celebrate that milestone! Trek on and do keep us in the loop; love seeing where you’ve been and your impressions. Happy trails to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am loving your photos. Can’t imagine how awe inspiring those views must be in person. What an amazing birthday adventure you are having! You do look a little thinner and hairier than you did in that first photo at the beginning of the trail.


  3. Way to rep the Colorado Avalanche hat! Incredible scenery! Do you tend to encounter roughly the same group of fellow hikers all roughly going the same speed?


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