Mammoth Lakes to South Lake Tahoe

July 1 – 9mi

Tentsite @ 916

Caught the bus back to Red’s Meadow after lunch, and got back on the trail. (as a 40 year old!) The trail was mostly through forest, but I did get a good look at the Devils Postpile monument.

July 2 – 26mi

Tuolumne Meadows C.G.

Crossed Island and Donohue passes today. Arrived in Tuolumne for dinner, post office and to stock up on food at the store. I did the last 10 miles in 2hr45 to reach the cafe before closing. The food wasn’t even that great…

July 3 – 15mi

Spiller Creek

Nice day walking along again after having a big breakfast at the cafe.

July 4 – 25mi

Stubblefield Canyon

Crossed Benson & Seavey passes today. It was good to climb up into the hills again. The trail was pretty rough at times though. Had a great dinner, thanks Klumps!

July 5 – 24mi

Kennedy Canyon Creek

Left Yosemite N.P. today. There were lots of wild flowers in bloom up in the high meadows along this stretch. So many different colours. Made it to 1000 miles in the afternoon. Wow!

July 6 – 11mi

Sonora Pass

The scenery is starting to change quite a bit now, after leaving the High Sierras. Kind of sad to be leaving that part of the trail behind. Hitched into Kennedy Meadows North in the afternoon to resupply and get rid of my bear canister. Happy to ditch that 2.5 lbs!

July 7 – 21mi

Wolf Creek

Mostly forest today, but did get a good look back south at the snowy Sierra peaks.

July 8 – 21mi

Tentsite @1059

Over the Noble Lake saddle to the highway 4 crossing. Great trail magic there. A couple folks were grilling burgers and had lots of other good stuff. Saw my first bear about a mile before camp. It just sauntered away upon noticing me.

July 9 – 30mi

Echo Trailhead

The trail was mostly in the woods again. The climbs weren’t too bad, so I decided to get my first 30 mile day. Camped in a nice spot .5 away from the trailhead at hwy 50.

July 10 – 0.5mi

After a short morning walk I was at the side of the highway with my thumb ready to go. After just a couple minutes a ’59 VW pickup pulled over and picked up me, and 3 others. Easiest and best hitch so far! The driver and I had a good VW van discussion on the way into town. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Mammoth Lakes to South Lake Tahoe

  1. Had to chuckle when I read this latest post; you ditched the bear can and then one of the next photos after that you post, what do I see? A bear! Sounds like you’re getting into shape–a lean, mean, hiking machine! Shall take a look at your future waypoints and try to find a spot on the trail to send something to you. Any special requests?


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