Lake Tahoe to Elmira

July 13 – 11mi

Susie Lake @ 1101mi

Those 11 miles were the last ones for me and the PCT this summer. I found a nice spot to camp and sat down on a log for a good, long think…

July 14 – 9mi

The morning came, and with it the deep feeling that I’d made the right decision to leave the trail and figure out the easiest way to make my way back home. Hiked back south to Echo Lake and got a hitch into S. Lake Tahoe. It felt weird but cool at the same time to be headed south.

9 miles back down the trail to finish things off. I can’t begin to explain everything that was running through my mind over those few hours. Relief, nostalgia, anticipation, a bit of regret…

July 15 – Scored a ride on the airport bus from Harrah’s Casino up to Reno. Walking through that place was completely nuts after being outside. Kind of sad also. There’s so much more out there as opposed to chucking money into a one arm bandit.

July 16 – Chill at the LaQuinta in Reno, waiting for my cheap Tuesday flight to Toronto.

July 17 – Left at 11:30pm to Chicago.

July 18 – After an all-night flight, a couple hour layover and a full tear down at Toronto customs, the Klumps were there to take me the last bit of the way. Tired, mildly annoyed, but so very glad to be heading back to my home.

7 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe to Elmira

  1. Oh my gosh Eric, having walked that same trail, I so know how you were (likely) feeling! It’s a wild, roller-coaster ride. So many highs, and subsequently many lows, but overall a great time. Give us a shout (email, or call) and we would love to hear all about your adventure in more detail. If it needs to wait until we are in Elmira next (possibly this winter…?) that’s fine too. We are so proud of you, and we thoroughly enjoyed following along with you. The PCT is a gem, and I’m glad she captured the heart of a fellow Elmirian 😉


    1. Thanks T for that message. I’ve been explaining why I walked away from the trail to my fam, but I reckon y’all can get why I quit/failed/etc. I totally loved the first 900 miles +\- So. Cal was awesome, then the Sierra stretch. It was epic… Doing it as straight up run from Kennedy to reds was an awesome idea. Thx Dan! Everyone I caught and passed, minds were blown…


    2. Yeah…the trail got up on top of me. I have so much appreciation for y’all who somehow make it all the way north. I couldn’t do it, after leaving Yosemite N.P. Life back home got in my head, too much good stuff would’ve been missed by staying out on the trail.


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