Idyllwild to Big Bear

May 7

8mi – Nice Tentsite

Left town after lunch and climbed 3700′ back to the trail. Found a great little spot up on a ridge at 9000′ for the night. Discovered I had left my block of cheese back in town…

May 8

25mi – “The Rusty Pipe”

The rusty pipe is a landmark on the trail. It’s the last spot to get water before crossing a desert stretch and interstate 10. Passed the 200mi point today as well.

May 9

14mi – Whitewater Preserve

It was a really hot and windy morning, crossing the valley and highway. Made it back to the hills by around 10am to miss the hottest part of the day. Heard later that it was over 100 F during the afternoon. This stretch is also the 2nd lowest point on the trail. 7300′ below where I camped the night before. It was a long descent!

May 10

20mi – Mission Creek

Met up with some friends in the morning. Sander and “Larry Bird” We camped in a recently burnt area. The area looked eerie as the day came to an end.

May 11

20mi – Creek site

The weather was nice and lots of water as we hiked along a creek for much of the day. Good day after all the climbing/descent and high temps. Sander and my spot.

May 12

7.5mi – Big Bear Lake

Met up with more friends on the way into town. Sander, Phillip and Kevin. (L to R) Also found Larry again once in town.

May 13


This is my first zero day. It sure was nice to relax and rest up for a whole day. I felt like the feet and legs deserved a break after making it to the 10% mark. 265 miles.

Warner Springs to Idyllwild

May 3

18mi – “Mike’s Place”

The weather was back to hot and sunny. First views of Mt. San Jacinto today. Mike’s is a trail angel spot where we had wood fired pizza and tacos for supper. Slept in an old r.v. Quite the place…

May 4

25mi – Paradise Valley Cafe

I heard the best hamburgers on the trail are served at this restaurant. I was feeling good, so had a longer day to make it there for supper. It was really tasty! They let us camp on the front porch also.

May 5

24mi – Tentsite #3

Amazing views today while hiking along a ridge toward San Jacinto. It ranged from 6000 to 7400 feet. Could see the Salton Sea at times. Hit the first fire closure at 168.6, so I took the Spitler Trail down to a campsite near Hemet.

May 6

7mi – Idyllwild

A quick morning hike into Idyllwild. I met up with Connor outside of town and we’re sharing the last available cabin at the Inn here. Shower, laundry and a bed, life is good!

Mex. Border to Warner Springs

Apr 24 & 25

The flights to San Diego went well and I arrived at Scout & Frodo’s place just after lunch. What a great place to start the trip!

Apr 26

20mi – Border to Lake Morena

Started the adventure at 7am. It was an amazing feeling to be there and start walking north.

Apr 27

13mi – Cibbet’s Flat

Apr 28

21mi – Pioneer Picnic Area

Stopped in Mt. Laguna in the morning for breakfast. Nice little mountain town. The views really opened up in the aft.

Apr 29

18mi – Rodriguez Rd. crossing

Apr 30

18mi – Tentsite @86.6mi

Stopped in Julian for some free pie. Nice little town. The weather is turning cooler and windy.

May 1

15mi – Tentsite @101.1mi

Passed the 100mi mark today! Feels good. I’m also starting to feel a bit less sore at the end of the day…

May 2

8mi – Warner Springs

Short hike this morning in a light rain. Taking the rest of the day to rest up and get clean.

It’s been an awesome hike so far. I’ve met some great people, and the scenery has been beautiful. The weather hasn’t been the best, but that’s ok. I’m looking forward to the next section of trail!

By the Numbers

2650 miles, or 4265 kilometres.

That’s the length of the Pacific Crest Trail. It’s a long hike from Campo, CA. on the Mexican border, to Manning Park, B.C. Here are a few more numbers that might give a better idea about what that distance means.

On April 24 I’ll be heading to Toronto for my flight to San Diego. The airport is 107km away from my home in Elmira. I could walk to Pearson Int’l, from here, to catch that flight and also walk back home and there again 19 more times.

The distance from Toronto to San Diego, California is 3487km and the flight time will be approximately 6 hours. Hiking the PCT back north to Canada will add an extra 778km and 4+ months of time, – and I’ll still be out in B.C.

For fun, I did a quick internet search and found that Reykjavik, Iceland (4205km) is pretty close to the trail’s length away from Toronto. Inuvik in the N.W.T. (4140km) was a close point within Canada. Vancouver is 3363km away and St. John’s Nfld. (2110km) is just about at the halfway point.   *straight line distances*

Using the average length of a walking stride, for a 5’9″ male, it will take around 5.42 million steps to cover the distance of the trail.

Those numbers are all about horizontal distance. The difference in elevation to overcome, between the southern U.S. border and Canada, is just 307 meters. However, the total vertical gain for the trail is 149.2 kilometres, and the total descent comes to 148.9 kilometres. For reference, Mt. Everest is 8.85km above sea level, and the International Space Station is orbiting the earth at around 408km.

It’s interesting to take a look at these figures, but that’s not what this hike is really about. There will be numerous people out there to meet and share the adventure with, and there’s no way to assign a value to the experiences I’ll have and the memories to be made.

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Summer House ’18

I’ve been looking for a spot to stay during the night, next summer.

Found this nice little house. It’s a “Khufu” pre-fab from “Locus Gear” It’ll require a bit of work at times, to have it placed in the correct spot, but I’m sure there will be many great locations to chose from.


Here’s a view from outside, with the front and bedroom doors open. Great line of sight, from front to back, considering the 750 gram weight. I’m excited to try living in an “open concept” home for a few months.


This final perspective is from the bedroom, at the back, looking forward into the kitchen and foyer. The appliances aren’t new,  but they’re serviceable. I’d also like to show a view of the washroom, but… Maybe I’ll show it in a future post. 🙂


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