PCT ’18 is go…

go pic

Here it is, the approval of my plan to walk north across the United States next summer. The flight to San Diego is booked. (April 24) Time now to get my gear setup, and make some loose plans regarding the timeline for May to Sept. It’s roughly 5 months ’till I start walking and I’m sure the days will fly by…

Canada Day

Back in July, my friend Bob and I went for an overnight hike on the Bruce Trail. The plan was to head from Dyers Bay to Toby, but we shortened it up a bit. Stopped at Little Cove to catch a ride to the Vancook cottage with Mom. 🙂

Near halfway dump, sat. am. We met Chantal Warriner close to this spot. She was just heading out on her trip to set the women’s fkt for the trail. https://runningmagazine.ca/chantal-warriner-bruce-trail-womens-fkt/

Storm Haven. Stopped for water, jerky, and snickers. Good stuff!

Came upon this massasauga rattler at our parking spot, on sunday. Nice to see a mature snake like this!